Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Union Club in Cleveland

Since Gretchen and Brian wanted a late evening wedding and didn't want to keep all their guests waiting, we did all the photographs before the ceremony. They met for the first time on the gorgeous marble staircase at the Union Club in downtown Cleveland. The club was built in 1872 and was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and poinsettias. There were so many beautiful areas and the architecture was just amazing. The dance floor had tiny lights embedded in the floor that made their first dance even more spectacular. The ceremony was at the Franklin Square Christian Church and was especially meaningful as Gretchen's grandfather officiated.


Don Drenski said...

As father of the bride .. I can say you did a great job. I never noticed you at the wedding and your pictures are fantastic.

Lisa Fultz said...

The pictures are amazing! You were able to capture the essence of the love that surrounded Gretchen and Brian on their special day! Thank you for the wonderful memories that we all will share.